Student-Created Resource Guide

This comprehensive resource guide was created by students, for students in order to provide advice about what to say and do if you or someone you know may be contemplating suicide. Included are a description of actions you can take in that situation, a list of resources (in-person, phone, online, chat, and more), and anonymous testimonies from other students describing their own experience with mental health to show that youth aren’t alone in their suffering.

Parent Support Guide

As students who observed that parents are often at a loss when it comes to supporting their children through times of crisis, we decided to create this informational guide geared towards parents. In it, we enumerate what students in that situation do and don’t find helpful and provide a list of family-specific resources.

Here is our recruitment video from the 2021-22 school year!


Our nonprofit strives to provide a voice for the youth affected by mental health issues and suicide. By working with school administrators and local legislators, we work to create and strengthen policies to effectively help our peers.


Mental health and suicide are often stigmatized in society, but the only way to help end suicide in schools is to break the silence. Our nonprofit works through chapters to raise awareness for mental health in our schools and community and create a safe, welcoming environment for everyone.


In order for students to know how to help, Live To Tell provides informative resources and materials to its chapters so that students know to support each other and get others the help they need.

A Youth Voice for A Youth Issue

As a registered nonprofit run by high school students, we work for the youth of Salem-Keizer. As policies are being created in the community to address suicide prevention and mental wellness for students, it’s imperative that we, as those being affected by these policies, have a voice in the discussion.

Live To Tell works not only to be a voice for students, but also to help students learn how to help. Through events, school policies, and clubs, we are fostering a dialogue around these issues in order to end the stigma and foster an understanding school environment.

We need your support.

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