Students discuss suicide prevention policies at Saxon Strong, a chapter of Live To Tell at South Salem High School.

Our Story

After the many completed suicides in the Salem-Keizer School District, students from South Salem High School decided that youth need to speak up to help solve the problem. Whether it’s lived experience with mental health problems or seeing someone we love struggle, we know how important it is for peers to speak up for those who can’t.

Our Vision

Founded by a student and created for students, Live To Tell strives to make suicide a never event in the Salem-Keizer School District. In order to accomplish this, we believe the change has to come from us. Through advocacy, awareness, and education, we work to destigmatize the issue of mental health within the student body and to lead the conversation surrounding suicide prevention and mental wellness.

Live To Tell President speaks at Salem Keizer School Board Meeting about the importance of student advocacy in suicide prevention work.

Meet the Team

Our Board of Directors is made up entirely of high school students from across the Salem-Keizer School District. Now, we have four schools and counting represented. Here are just a few of us!

Eric Martz

Founder and President

A senior at South Salem High School, Eric works as a call worker for Youthline, a teen to teen crisis hotline in Portland. He’s passionate about the role peers can play in helping prevent suicide and promote mental wellness.

To Be Determined

Vice President

We’re still looking for a Vice President from our growing Board of Directors. We’ll keep you posted once the decision is made!

Eddy Binford-Ross


Eddy is a junior at South Salem High School who is an active youth activist for mental health, climate change, and various other important topics. Eddy is an intern at the Capitol and is passionate about representing her peers and advocating for their rights.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or donations!